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22 Jun

The Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones is a fictional book/ TV series that takes you back to an age where people still believed in magic, dragons and sorcery. The Game of Thrones shows you what life was like back then if you believed in magic. It brings an epic novel to life.  The series also shows everything people want to see in a series like sex, action, dragons etc that’s if you like that sort of thing. So the Game of Thrones has got everything except for fast cars and ridiculously overpowered weapons of mass destruction. But you cannot win. It takes place in Westorose which is a fantastic world where seven houses are wanting to obtain the throne and as you know this causes conflict. The Starks are the main household that live in the cold and unforgiving north with a ridiculously enormous wall stopping the un-dead or white-walkers from getting in. The other houses are the Baratheons, Tullys, Targaryens, the Greyjoys, and the Lannisters.

The main houses are:

                        STARKS                 TARGARYENS                    BARATHEONS                    LANNISTERS                      GREYJO YS




TULLY                                  ARRYN





The series is rated R18 or MA15+ because of its constant sex scenes and its violence and graphic violence which is always good e.g a lance through someone’s head with blood oozing out of someone’s mouth is not for children.


The Game of Thrones is classified as a drama because of all the romance and betrayal that goes on.


 The weapons and armour are mixed from the 12th century to the designs of the 16th century. The series is set in Ireland and some other parts of Europe. It shows snow and thick dark forests and that makes it feel authentic.

You know is will be good when it wins awards like the Locus award [1997] and is nominated for the World Fantasy Award. In 2011 it was a New York Times bestseller and it was number one on that list in July that Year.

I have already enjoyed the first and the second series but the third comes next year which is stupid because the first didn’t take that much time at all and I will be watching the next one when it comes out.

All I’m trying to say is that it is a good book and it a good series so please try to find time through the week to give it a go.


A small peek caution this is MA15+…

thanks for reading



the real 9/11 tragedy

13 Jun

On the 11.9.2002 a hijacked plane hit the side of the World Trade Centre in New York City and America was outraged. This put the whole country in a state of panic. The transport system was heavily restricted. Planes could not leave the ground and the borders were heavily guarded. From then on terrorism was their only issue, the news was bombarded with issues that related to terrorism, who did it, what will happen afterwards and will it happen again. And people were affraid for their lives. In the back of everyone’s minds, they were wondering if they were going to be attacked again.

The affects of 9/11 weren’t that bad compared to the devastation of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which killed 225,000 people. Compared to 2,819 killed in 9/11. I think America is over reacting, they are acting like it is world war three. Yet would world war two was much bigger and more devastating than a plane hitting the side of a building. The Americans take things to far, the fact is that there where was more bombs dropped on Darwin than Pearl Harbour. In the history books regarding the Japanese bombing countries, Pearl Harbour is always mentioned and Darwin hardly ever.

The war on Iraq was another over reaction because of small rumours of nuclear weapons that they apparently heard. This war creates more damage after they leave because rebels and the government are still fighting and America won’t do anything about it even though they caused it.

More people are starving to death each day in the Middle East than in the 9/11 attacks.

I think America should stop complaining because they have hardly been touched, compared to other countries in the world, 9/11 is not that bad.

This article tries to get Americans to see that their obsession with 9/11 is a bit misplaced. The tragedies weren’t as bad as it seems and it has been proved in this post thanks for reading.  


i don’t like facebook

7 May

Facebook tragedy

There are many reasons why I don’t like Facebook. Just to name a few, they include the constant arguments due to miss communication. Also the identity stealing, it not that hard to be yourself. Other problems are when you upload a picture you don’t want the whole world to see. If it goes on  Facebook everyone can see it. Also sometimes people take things way to far Facebook tragedy  this is a good example.

A relationship over Facebook is not recommended because relationships are between two people not the world. It would cause alot of problems in a relationship if you have other people commenting on your life, and your decisions that a couple should be making together, definately not over Facebook. Never break up through Facebook because if you do you are a coward.!

Another issue with Facebook is that nothing is really private on there. People will put on information that they possibly should keep to themselves. This can start arguments or cause problems for them. Bullying is a huge world wide issue at the moment, people who  make demenaing, sexiest and racist comments on facebook are too gutless to say these to there face. Coward!

There are many reasons to go outside rather than go on Facebook. It is much easier and better to talk to someone face to face than to talk to strangers through the internet. Other benefits of avoiding Facebook are that you are doing physical exercise and getting out and doing things rather than sitting around “updating your status”. I think it is much more fun acutally talking face to face to someone and getting feed back while looking at someone and reading the expression on their face, than just reading about it. You can tell alot more about how people are actualy feeling and are much more believeable if you are looking at them.

This some’s up what I think of my space, Facebook and twitter


3 May


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1 May

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